Happy Easter!

Easter, the love that God sent his Son to take it all! For everything we do, good or bad, Jesus still sacrificed his life because of the great love he has for us. The love of Jesus is sweet, kind and without measure.
The crucifixion, death and resurrection of our Savior Jesus is a guarantee that he is our Lord. He died for our sins, so we could be rewarded in heaven. That is why we celebrate Easter, because of the grace we are given to live a fulfilling, aspiring life, to make changes in this world.
I wish everyone a Happy Easter!
An Easter full of great moments.
An Easter full of delicious treats!
But, not just enjoying the treats and having fun;
also, remembering the true reason of Easter —
the debt that was paid for all our unrighteousness,
from just one man that paid it all for every soul — an amazing gift.
We thank him, the one and only, who went through the pains and burdens of what we didn’t have to go through. We thank him again.
Jesus Christ, the Savior of all.
Happy Easter, everyone!

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