On May 14, 2022, I had the honor of receiving two degrees from the District of Columbia: an Associate of Arts and an Associate of Science degree in liberal studies. I did the first four years of this program while I was homeless. It was not easy. 

I have endured three hospitalizations while attending school. And I wanted to give up many times. Shelter life was so stressful for me. I operated on basically no sleep, studying through the night. I also had a hard time eating properly. These are just some of the disadvantages I had to endure in my everyday life living in the shelter. But I overcame these obstacles. 

My strength came from the encouraging words of people I met at Street Sense. They helped me when I first enrolled in college. 

I want to give my thanks to Julie Turner and Colleen Cosgriff for helping me register for classes my first year, and for walking me through the application process. You both are amazing! 

Thank you, Eric Falquero, the chief editor of Street Sense at the time I enrolled in college, for always making me write and for encouraging me by saying, “You got this.” Sometimes, I did not feel it. You’re amazing! 

Thank you, Jesse, Laura, and Ashley from Miriam’s Kitchen. I am thankful to have been able to learn more about advocacy work from a political standpoint from you. This is where I got the idea to get a third degree in political science. I am back in school now working on my bachelor’s degree in political science. 

Thank you, PFFC, (People for Fairness Coalition) for giving me the foundation to start advocating for myself and putting people in my life such as Street Sense and Miriam’s Kitchen. You guys really rock! 

I know that it is not going to be easy, but now that I am housed, I have less stress and my health is improving. Obtaining my bachelor’s degree in political science will be challenging. But I have a quiet place to study and rest now. 

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