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As a guy from the south side of Chicago, let me tell you, I’ve been to a few places in this great nation and I have yet to visit any like D.C. I’m actually going to a public school where adults can attend to get their high school diploma. Which means, yes, I’ll be getting not a G.E.D but a high school diploma as an adult. Depending on what part of America you reside, to a “low class” citizen like me, this is unheard of. Hell, I ain’t even know what a charter school was until I attended this one. G.E.D programs and programs like Job Corps (which I’ve attended) I’ve been aware of. But for an adult getting a high school diploma to a person like me is like, “Whoa!”

The Goodwill Excel Center (GEC), which I currently attend, is not just a charter school with friendly faces, welcoming smiles and warm hearts, they actually give a damn about ya, which is rare these days. They actually care whether you succeed or not. They’re always making sure that their students and employees are okay and making sure everyone is having a good day.

I started GEC in May and they wowed the hell out of me. They have actual high school classes in the building like you’re really in high school, and if you can’t make it in person, no worries, you can take the classes online. Ain’t got a computer? Don’t worry, you can sign up for one that they would let you borrow until you graduate. All you gotta do is ask and sign up for one and, voila, you got one.

Just recently I attended an event that helps their students to try to get jobs, job training, lawyers, college prep and more. 

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