Freedom Freed

Freedom, freedom, freedom songs
freedom, freedom so many men long
for what is freedom?
is it just a word in a song
is it a jungle wherein beasts roam
is it a Hebrew slave who wants to work his own day
freedom, freedom
is it an eagle soaring high in the sky?
is it a baby being born after 9 months inside?
freedom, freedom
free to pray and worship the Lord in a free way
freedom, freedom what is freedom today?
the people of the earth being free to say freedom, freedom for all the Lord’s slaves,
for one day we’ll be free to die the way we chose to be
freedom, freedom is dying today
some believe in being free to make mischief and not to pray
for freedom, freedom, the freedom to come
I want to be free,
free of me,
free of them,
free of want,
free of need,
free to live, free to give
free to lay in the sun and sing a freedom song
free to write a freedom poem
what is freedom?
being free to say,
to speak my peace in a free way
let freedom be freed today….
In remembrance of the legendary words of love of Martin Luther King let freedom ring.

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