Food Review: Astro fried chicken and doughnuts (4 out of 5 stars)

A row of donuts.

The donuts. Photo by Chris Cole

For the last two years, I’ve noticed the sweet smell of freshly cooked doughnuts filling the air every time I’d come to Street Sense. I vowed that one day I would visit the restaurant across the street, Astro Fried Chicken and Doughnuts, to try out what I had been missing. Last month, I finally got to sit down and enjoy their food.

Astro’s is a very small restaurant with standing room only, and a few tables outside. They have a small and simple menu, but it’s packed with flavor. They sell their fried chicken in two-piece increments and they also have options for family meals and signature sandwiches. 

The large doughnuts are sold individually or by the dozen. Just the sight of these colorful creations will make you smile. Most of them have some type of cereal or topping on over their glaze. The baker is definitely an artist. Some of the doughnuts came in square shapes which I thought was really unique. 

They have seasonal flavors that change pretty often, and signature flavors that are always on the menu such as peanut butter and jelly, creme brulée, maple bacon and vanilla glazed.

I started my meal off with the “asteroid” chicken sandwich with a side of tater tots. For dessert I chose the “Banana Pudding” doughnut. The sandwich consisted of a large spicy fried chicken breast, lettuce, sliced pickles, jalapeno coleslaw, with comeback sauce, on a brioche bun. The comeback sauce was orange and reminded me of a mild buffalo sauce.  The food came out piping hot and fresh about seven minutes after placing my order.

I enjoyed the sandwich, and all it was missing for me personally was a slice of tomato and cheese. The chicken breast was huge and juicy. The slaw that came on the sandwich was pretty tasty and the tatertots were a really good pairing with the crispiness of the chicken. 

I would rate this sandwich and 8/10.

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show. That banana pudding doughnut was out of this world! It was square shaped, and stuffed with pudding so it had no hole. The top of it was iced with a banana glaze and crumbled vanilla wafers. It was soft and still slightly warm when I bit into it. The filling just leapt into my mouth and it was glorious! 

I remember stopping all conversation and just closing my eyes to take in all that flavor. I made audible noises as I downed the treat in about six big bites as if I’d never eat again. The memory is making me smile even as I type this.  

No questions here, this was a 10/10.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the food, I did not enjoy the prices. My entire meal (with no drink) cost me just over $22 total. 

The sandwich was around $13, the tots $4, and the doughnut $5. Even though I balk at the price, it’s about average for D.C for food to cost this much, I just wish they had an option for a combo that would have allowed me to snag a drink.

All in all, ‘ll be eating here again when I can afford it, but I’d definitely recommend this place to check out if you are in the northwest area. It is located at 1308 G Street NW.  Tell them Chris Cole from Street Sense sent you. Happy Eating!

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