Food for thought!

Right now, if you were honest and someone asked you what’s going on in your life today — would you have a list of stressful, worrisome things? Or, would a list of hopes and blessings of gratitude come to mind? Life is full of both. The quality of everyone’s life depends on what we give focus to. For every situation that feels horrible, frustrating, overwhelming, there is some light. We may just have to look harder. And, surely, we don’t have to … being optimistic, finding the positive, is a choice. Staying stressed out, continuing to dwell on the negative, is also a choice. We all choose how we look at situations, at life; it’s not the circumstances, it’s our choice of viewpoint. Let’s use the power that we have! Look for the good, search out the silver lining.
Allow good to overcome. Peace!

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