Graphic by Bruna Costa

Roses are seasonal
Flowers make people feel special
I wish I could send love and healing to everybody
People should laugh and smile…blossom
Not to laugh and smile, but some are evil and wicked…weeds
Heal and give people peace
You don’t know what people are dealing with and going through
As we go through life and deal with different battles just reflect on the process
For the negative energy rains but doesn’t reign
So let’s stop the dramas and lies and rise…thorns
I can remember a lot over the years but I am truly thankful to have outgrown a lot
If you can talk to the B.S. — tell it to stop being sneaky
The mask of betrayal is not loyalty to anyone…fake
Let be known
I can see people are still using poison to trick people
But it is wrong and not a good thing to fool people…where is the love?
Some roots have weeds that need to be plucked out…nip it in the bud
Roses have thorns…of course, you know
But hey, there are fake diamonds but I am not
So let me say this…for all the nosey people that have thrown ashes at me
I am a diamond in the rough
I have been shaped into brilliance by the experiences that I survived
I am beautiful…flaws and all
What are you? You know who you truly are
As for me, I am 39 and fine, so I am too blessed to be stressed
While others enjoy the mess
I get my rest
Don’t blame me because I am beautiful
My question is for people who like spitting trash out their mouth
What if you died and had to relive life with lies that you spread
Would that make you want to change?
What if we all paid more attention to the truth and stopped the lies
Wouldn’t we have more peace?

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