Mural of President Obama; it includes the "Yes We Can" slogan..

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I have never, in all my years that I have been conscious of the political process, been so excited about a president. The feeling of fresh air after 8 years of W is like a 7-year-overdue spring, But amid all my excitement over what Obama can do in the next 4 years, it seems like the rest of the world is crumbling. For months there has been endless coverage on the crashing economy, the crumbling of companies that once seemed invincible, and now one more scandal to throw on top of the pile of disgraced politicians.  

I have so much hope for what our new president can do, but so much disappointment in what has become of the country he has promised to lead. The old saying that I have heard since I was a child “absolute power corrupts absolutely” seems only to be proven true time and time again. Can Obama, the man I have already personally invested so much in, really be different? This scandal seems to hit a little closer to him, and it really makes me wonder. Obama is not best friends with the governor, but there was a time when he was not above using the governor for his own political gain. They were at one point political allies. I wonder if he could have known back then what the governor was like, and even more disheartening, I wonder if he turned a blind eye. There is no solid proof either way at the moment, and so for now I am not ready to give up my faith in the man who is my deliverance from the Bush administration. I only hope that he will prove the old saying wrong and be worth my faith and hope. 

Cara has been volunteering with Writer’s Group for about nine months. 

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