Dear Karen and Ken

Dear Karen and Ken,

The reason for this article is to forewarn you to stop being outraged whenever you can’t get your way. Us minorities and people in homeless situations especially deal with mental health issues. Around half of the people I know who are homeless have a mental disability. We are liable to lash out with violence whenever a citizen or authority figure threatens us. Consequences and even death are the last things we think about. We fight to live everyday just to do regular things: get a job, get food, get housing, get the right counseling, get the help we need. We fight on a daily basis, because we lack what the government has stolen or allowed people to steal from us.

I, for one, am a minority and a person who has experienced homelessness. I don’t put things such as this subject on here just ‘cause. But I want you to open your eyes and get yourselves together and grow up. We (me especially) are tired of you all harassing us, then you wanna play victim after a verbal or physical assault has occurred. We can’t work on ourselves, because you won’t allow us to. If you give poison to somebody that’s already sick, they get sicker.

For instance, if I ask you for help, and you give me your middle finger and I already have an anger problem, you just made me sicker. Meaning, instead of finding a way to make me less angry, you’ve given me a reason to be more angry than I already am. Some of us carry legal weapons because kidnapping, theft, rape, assault, etc., happens to us on a daily basis. We don’t always know who is who, and we are paranoid because we don’t know what bad is in store for us that day. It could be from food to the weather, clothing, showering, sleeping, or just darn living.

We even have Karen and Ken situations with people that work within homeless services organizations. For example, counselors that are supposed to counsel us. How are you a counselor and you get into heated debates with the person you’re supposed to counsel? If counselors are supposed to help you to learn how to de-escalate situations, then why are they engaging in them?

So, Karen and Ken, please think about these things the next time you engage in unnecessary drama that can be avoided by you all just “MYODB” (Minding Your Own Damn Business), because some people might not have taken their medication on that specific day. Thank You.

Minorities and People that are just tired of you.

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