Dealing with yourself

Graphic by Bruna Costa

I recently got my hair done. I’m thankful for the growth. I cut my hair last year, at the end of February, and I just recently got braids. I also like the streak in my hair. I call it wisdom.

I wanted to show off my growth before spring. Rainbows are my color. I wore a yellow cardigan that has a hood — y’all, let me tell you: there will be rain in our lives, but there is also sunshine.

After sitting under the dryer, I got my hair blown out. My scalp feels really good, and I like the colors I chose for the style. It was tough because I was having a rollercoaster of emotions. I was missing when my sisters and I would pick someone to do all our hair the same day. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you need to get rest and reschedule things, or cut people off, but not most of the time.

If anyone is dealing with mental health, it is important to seek support. It’s okay, cause life is happening. It doesn’t matter what people think, because opinions ain’t facts, plus most are lies. What matters is that you talk to somebody who can get you in the right direction. I want to share the crisis hotline number in case you or someone you know may need it — 202-671-3070.

Some people should really try to focus on living with themselves, stay out of people’s business, and stop trying to figure out what people are doing. Some people can’t live with themselves honestly. Loving yourself is so important. Can’t nobody love you like you can.

I know if a lot of people were honest, they would realize that it’s okay to be on your own, if that is where you should be. Can you honestly, really deal with yourself? Think about it.

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