How the Civil Rights Agenda Has Failed Black Americans in Today’s Society

Emily Hoyer

There has been a narrative that’s been told for so long that many believe it’s reality. It is this: that blacks are monolithic in their thoughts, patterns, and actions.

Most whites assume all blacks eat from the same dish, vote Democratic, support liberal causes and want reparations instead of work.

Since the early days of the civil rights movement, this viewpoint been espoused by self-appointed spokesman who suppress any viewpoint that doesn’t call for government intervention or wealth redistribution. To not want to habitually rehash old wounds of slavery and Jim Crow will have you excommunicated in the black community. Implying that we move away from the past is considered being a sellout.  A black person is better off swimming through a pool of sharks than not supporting the civil rights agenda.

When I was young I was militant and angry, I too was a supporter. However, I learned over time that the world does not owe me a damn thing. Despite our country’s troubled history, America is a better place to live than Ukraine.

My aim is not to bash young activists because when you’re young it is natural to hate order and stability. It is natural to want to change the world. Revolution is intoxicating. We want to burn things to the ground. However, when you get older you pick your battles more wisely. I say to to young freedom fighters that though there will be plenty of battles worth fighting, liberal causes aren’t among them.

My anger is directed toward the liberal intelligentsia; the academics, journalists, and entertainers that aid, abet and promote self-defeating behaviors that undermine the development of the black underclass.

Not everyone believes the key for advancement is to march in demonstrations, carrying banners asking for jobs and public assistance. The truth is the civil rights movement has been hijacked!

Malcolm X preached against welfare, and extolled blacks to become self-sufficient. His conservative views clashed with the liberal ones of the  Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was King’s vision that prevailed. Did silencing the conservative viewpoint improve or hinder the black underclass?  By focusing on only on victimhood the civil rights leaders turned a blind eye on blacks’ self-defeating behaviors. Because the civil rights establishment has refused to look at behavioral and cultural pathologies, one can make an argument that the lives of blacks have continued to deteriorate since they left their self-reliant roots and aligned themselves with liberal Democrats.

The rise of crime in the inner cities can be linked to liberal film producers who have always made a  fetish of the dysfunctional elements of black culture and glorified prostitutes, pimps and hustlers. Hollywood directors looking for new ways to get jollys worked in tandem with corrupt black leadership, giving rise to “blaxploitation” films such as Claudia , Superfly, and Dolomite. This genre helped reinforce what many whites perceived blacks to be; sex crazed, baby makers.

I ask minorities who call themselves Democrats: what did the civil rights leaders do in response to these films? Did they boycott shops demanding that Hollywood stop portraying blacks this way ? No! Instead they joined forces with liberal elites and promoted even raunchier and more provocative films under the guise of free speech. The so-called black leadership never questioned the impact these films would have on inner city kids starving for role models. The civil rights establishment also turned a blind eye to the criminal justice system. Young blacks went from segregation into incarceration.

I wonder how much longer can these civil rights charlatans live off the good names of others? Conservatives are not to blame for the decline of cities such as Detroit and Chicago. These predominantly black cities handpicked their own representatives that played the race card , robbed the tills, then ran these cities into the ground.  How many promises, excuses and  alibis can people hear before someone calls them out for the frauds they are?

Many of us are tired hearing “dream speeches.” Many of us are sobering  to the reality that  problems blacks are facing are not because of white oppression  but because many are still stuck in the civil rights mindset.

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