Catholic school girls

Well, the saying is true,
Catholic school girls are the worst behaved ones, boo
They are off the chain;
they will jump a train.
Now, you will have an adventure down memory lane.
Their moms sheltered them so much
that when they jumped off the porch, they abused their bunch.
Couldn’t wait to break a rule,
Catholic school girls are pretty cool.
They will play hooky, play bets with a bookie,
have kids early and love to talk dirty.
The opposite of a nun,
so far from a bum.
A catholic school girl is on the run,
They will try anything under the sun;
they want the attention from whosoever is willing,
they go get it, always revealing–
they roll up their skirt and love to flirt,
a Catholic school girl is a piece of work.
She will tell lies to deceive you;
She wants her way, boo.
How do you know their world?
‘cause I’m a catholic school girl.

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