America for Sale, Cheap!

Mural of the Monopoly Mr. Pennybags mascot depicted as a mural running away with a bag of money.

Photo courtesy of user thomashawk via Flickr.

Turns out Nader is a Harvard lawyer too, and said Obama’s got to choose between being Uncle Sam – that ‘We Want You’ character seen on old military posters, or Uncle Tom, a literary racist image of servitude, and other times hopefully past. But maybe Obama was helped by more than just Opraph, young people, Internet grassroots campaigns, churches, the Obama Girl and Republican failures over the last 8 years? Turns out America is for sale, really, really cheap, not just to corporations, lobbyists, PACS, and foreign investors, outsourcing and wholesale to oil interests, but to incumbent individuals. Most state secrets go for less than $20k, but a high paying Congressional seat costs more than $400k, before book deals, speaking engagements, etc… It’s a government job, in a cold Northern town, near Detroit, and the Auto Bailout Capital of the World, with mob connections preferred, so shouldn’t be much of a NIMBY issue… All else fails, the after Inauguration/Xmas sale, jobs in government, no SF171 required, and maybe just a Congressional confirmations to deal with today’s issues, to be posted on Apply today. Good benefits. Please check that they are authorized incumbent vendors, no stinking badges required…  

Jerry, a formerly homeless disabled person, volunteers with WG by playing the role of a Jewish Mother.

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