Affirmation: I’m The Special Someone

Yellow paper with black text saying "I am creative, I am an author."

Joanna Penn/Flickr

I accept full responsibility for believing that certain people would change for the best, instead of believing in myself. Instead of believing I could be the best thing that someone lost.
Lately, I’ve been thinking about what I need to work on to have a great, healthy relationship. My soul is free and my mind is on track. But what to do about my heart…

It is really encouraging that people with positive energy are in the universe. To meet the one that makes you not want to give up is inspiring. And I am determined to live and love fiercely.
People can be manipulative, so it is hard for me to believe in words. But I can see now that people’s actions are all I need to determine where they should stand in my life.

The future is mine. I am responsible for me. I am connected to the universe. I am powerful and wanted.
And I am definitely going to write more and keep doing what I love doing creatively. My first self-directed project was supported by Street Sense and that experience is still life-changing. With support and positivity, I can do so much more. I am innovative, gifted and stronger.

I am an Artist.

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