A Saint Patrick’s Day story

Let’s celebrate the heritage and culture of the Irish people. I learned that March 17 is the feast day of Ireland. They told me a man was kidnapped in Britain and he was 16 years old and was taken to Ireland as a slave. So, Saint Patrick prayed and prayed. And he had a dream that one day he would return to his homeland.

He was born in Roman Britain. You don’t have to be Irish to believe this story.

Saint Patrick worked for years telling people about God: and he picked some shamrocks, one, two, three and God let him become free.

Maybe he would find a three-leaf clover.

He loved his country.
He loved his family.
He died on March 17.
He loved to eat corned beef and cabbage.
He became a priest,
He preached as a bishop.

Green is the color of Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17.

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