A homeless memorial in Silver Spring

Levester Green

It was way back when, in 2011, that I discovered the tribute bust left in honor of the presence of Norman “The Mayor of Silver Spring” Lane,; I happened upon it being on the verge of becoming homeless, once again, myself! At the time, the bust caught my attention, and the plaque that accompanied it made the story stick with me! He had been ostracized from his family, a feeling I was finding familiar my. I was renting a room in the basement of a Gaithersburg townhouse that offered no ventilation, which was a housing code violation, but somehow I lost my case when I went to task over the appropriate solution to this quandary with my landlord. I drew inspiration from the picture I took of the bust of Mayor Lane. It reminded a brother to persevere no matter the situation he is facing in life. As I am a witness , life goes on! I believe the artist, Fred Folsom, did a marvelous job in capturing and preserving the memory of this town’s local long-standing figurehead of poverty.

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.