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Your body responds to love and care. Each breath and heartbeat needs to be renewed and restored—the body is a wondrous system. Pain is an important alert. It tells you when you have a need for healing. You should always respond with love and care. Rather than becoming tense when you feel pain, you should breathe deeply, sending light and love to the place calling for attention. The wisdom of God works through you and your health care providers with your body’s innate healing power. Health should be your very nature.

You need to relax and rest as your body responds to loving affirmations and care. You should be grateful for the healing now in progress. You should also sense, feel, and know your body is refreshed, renewed, and re- stored to wholeness. This is explained further in the book of Proverbs, chap- ter 3:8, when it is stated that this will be healing for your flesh and offer refreshment for your body. Thank you and God bless you all.

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