Zack Caplette

Editorial & Design Intern — Spring 2016
[email protected]

Zack Caplette is currently a graduate Architecture and Planning student at The Catholic University of America. Having also received his Bachelor’s from CUA in Architecture, Zack has worked in both the DC area as well as back home in New Jersey. While he has gained valuable architectural experience, the current grad would also like to pursue his interests in graphic, editorial, and publication design.

As an avid supporter of Public Interest Design, Zack hopes to focus his attention on how architecture can solve Social, Economic and Environmental issues and how such design can impact individuals and communities both locally and internationally. The topic of homelessness within an urban context raises many questions in regard to Public Interest. Zack hopes to utilize his architectural background and experiences to explore and understand the relationship between homelessness and urbanism.

You can view Zack’s portfolio here.