Mark Rose

Mark brings his sharp analytical mind to the fine art of working prose. His many years as a paralegal have honed his writing skills so that he produces sharp, clear, persuasive words. Add to that his extensive experience as a journalist, and you have a great combination to produce winning words.

Mark has edited doctoral dissertations, boasting a string of satisfied doctoral clients who attribute part of their success with their thesis defenses to his work. He writes regularly for Street Sense, and did its pilot stories in Arlington and Alexandria, Va. when they were testing the waters there. He’s written about homelessness and poverty, but also about affordable housing and crime.

In addition, he is a contract general assignment reporter for The Daily Record, a Baltimore, MD newspaper that is the state’s newspaper of record for the business and legal communities.

Mark’s skill set includes journalism, writing, editing, piano, violin and violin teaching. He is a certificated paralegal and has a BA in history.