Maria Lares

Former Manager of Artistic Workshops

Maria was the Manager of Artistic Workshops at Street Sense Media from April 2022, to September 2023. She is a painter, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Management. She is passionate about art and society. Before joining Street Sense Media, she developed art workshops for kids and teenagers in a low-income community in Mexico. She also volunteered at Gala Hispanic Theatre and the Latin American Youth Center in Washington, D.C.

Maria managed relationships with the Artists-in-Residence at Street Sense Media. She ran the operations component of up to nine weekly workshops which regularly saw attendance of ten artist-vendors each. She taught the Watercolor Workshop and the Women’s Workshop, and filled in as instructor in other workshops as needed.

She organized artistic events to feature the products of these workshops, including an art show featuring photography, illustrations and paintings by artist-vendors, a spate of performances by the Theater Workshop at different venues in D.C., and a photography book book launch. She also played a key operational roll within the vendor employment program.