Vendor Rights & Code of Conduct

The Street Sense Media newspaper is distributed freely while soliciting donations at the suggested starting point of $3.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, the First Amendment protects everyone’s right to “….approach pedestrians on public sidewalks with leaflets, newspapers, petitions and solicitations for donations without a permit. Tables may also be set up on sidewalks for these purposes if sufficient room is left for pedestrians to pass. These types of free speech activities are legal as long as entrances to buildings are not blocked and passers-by are not physically and maliciously detained. However, a permit may be required to set up a table.”

To file a free speech complaint with the ACLU if you believe your civil liberties have been infringed upon, you may contact the local office for where the violation occurred to see if they will take your case. Please note that these are not hotlines or emergency numbers:

Code of Conduct

All artist/vendors must abide by the following Code of Conduct while distributing the newspaper or otherwise acting as a representative of Street Sense Media. Failure to adhere to the code will lead to disciplinary action, which may include suspension.

  1. I will support Street Sense Media’s mission statement and in so doing will work to support the Street Sense Media community and uphold its values of honesty, respect, support, and opportunity.
  2. I will treat all others, including customers, staff, volunteers, and fellow vendors, respectfully at all times. I will refrain from threatening others, pressuring customers into making donations, or engaging in behavior that condones racism, sexism, classism, or other prejudices.
  3. I understand that I am not an employee of Street Sense Media but an independent contractor.
  4. While distributing Street Sense, I will not ask for more than $3 per issue or solicit donations by any other means.
  5. I will only purchase the newspaper from Street Sense Media staff and volunteers and will not distribute newspapers to other vendors.
  6. I will not distribute copies of Street Sense on metro trains and buses or on private property.
  7. I will abide by the Street Sense Media Vendor Territory Policy at all times and will resolve any related disputes with other vendors in a professional manner.
  8. I will not sell additional goods or products while distributing Street Sense.
  9. I will not distribute Street Sense under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  10. I understand that my badge and vest are property of Street Sense Media and will not deface them. I will present my badge when purchasing “Street Sense” and will always display my badge when distributing Street Sense.
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