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~They offer a bilingual culinary training program.
~The training program provides courses in culinary skills, food safety, job readiness, professional skills, vocational English, nutrition, and personal finance.
~The program also gives participants the opportunity to shadow a professional chef for 5 days to learn about the daily operations of a commercial kitchen.
~Participants also have the opportunity to complete “160 hours of a paid working and learning experience with a food industry employer in the DC, VA, and MD metropolitan area.”
~These internships are at restaurants, catering companies, hotels, and other establishments with commercial kitchens.
~Most participants of the culinary internship receive an official job offer upon completion of their hours!
~Every student will graduate from the program with the following:
~~La Cocina VA Diploma
~~Certificate of Completion in Culinary Job Training Program, Northern Virginia Community College, Workforce Development Program
~~ServSafe Manager Certificate, National Restaurant Association
~~AllerTrain Manager Certificate, MenuTrinfo
~Eligibility requirements: Participants must be 18 years old or older, Able to stand for 6-8 hours and able to lift up to 50lbs from the floor to the table, Unemployed or underemployed, Able to read, write, and comprehend the language of the course (English or Spanish), and be Drug-free for at least 120 days before starting the program.
~To begin your application, click here.

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1500 N Glebe Rd. Arlington, Virginia 22207
(202) 930-3316

Last updated: 08/16/19

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