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Parenting Classes
~They offer a comprehensive, in-depth curriculum for parents of children of all ages. Their topics include: Bullying, Human Development, Positive Reinforcement, Discipline, The Impact of Technology/Social Media, Managing Anger, Setting Limits, Raising Resilient Children
~For more information, visit the Parenting English Flyer or the Parenting Spanish Flyer.

Employment Training and Assistance
~The Progressive Employment Program (PEP) is intended to help its participants increase their job preparedness and become employed.
~ “80-100% of participants will be employed and/or in some advance training or educational program within 1 week to 30 days of completing the PEP training.”
~ “There will be 3-4 case managers assigned to work with training participants. In addition to finding employment and education/training opportunities, they will address issues participants have related to housing, childcare, transportation, substance use/abuse, and other issues that might negatively impact the achievement of any of the four goals.”
~ “The R.I.S.E. program will provide job readiness preparation for individuals seeking employment; the program will also focus on the skills necessary to retain employment.”
~ The R.I.S.E. program meets every Monday at 2:00 pm
~Family Group Conferences are “A time for families to come together to find solutions to problems that strengthen the family unit, a meeting that places you and your family members at the center of the decision making process, and a time for you to set goals and outline the necessary steps to achieve those goals with the help of people who can put your plan into action.
~Family Group Counseling sessions can takes place in a location of your choice and may take as long as necessary to complete your plan.
~Healing Circles are “A safe and supportive space for an individual transitioning home from incarceration to make amends with loved ones and family members, a safe and supportive space for those harmed and hurt by the person’s past behaviors and incarceration to share their own healing needs, and a safe space where the individual and his/her family can begin to establish shared path towards success and positivity.”
~The Healing Circles consist of 10 steps:
1)The Opening of the ‘Circle’ and Welcoming Statements
2) Explaining the Purpose of the Healing Circle and Reviewing Guidelines (The Healing Circle coordinator will explain that the purpose of the ‘Circle’ is to restore relationships and bring healing to every attendee. Each person will have the opportunity to speak, and each person’s needs will be respected).
3) Sharing with the Group
4) Focusing on Strengths (Each attendee shares what he/she likes about the transitioning person and their children, if applicable)
5) Reconciliation (The group discusses the following questions: Who was affected by our behavior and imprisonment? How were they affected? What can be done to help repair the harm?)
6) What Do You Want for Your Future? (The transitioning person answers the following statements: How do you want your future to be different than your past?)
7) The Group Brainstorms Resources and Options
8) Creating a Reentry Plan (The attendees work together to create a plan that includes your support system. You and your loved ones decide on a timetable to help you complete your goals).
9) Determining the Next ‘Circle’ Date
10) Closing the ‘Circle” (The group compliments the transitioning person and he/she says how the ‘Circle’ process felt for him/her. All attendees complete a survey).

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