Your hate

Your hate shows me how much more God loves me
Working through people who care and showing me His grace and mercy
Your hate encourages me to do what God’s will commands
Love those who hate me in spite of the outcome or the circumstance
Your hate shows me where Satan resides
Though I have reasons to hate I will let love override
Your hate closes doors and leaves me unwelcomed
But God showed me repentance and faith, through His doors I am welcomed
Your hate is disguised through smiles, nice words and lies
Though sometimes bold, The Lord’s presence uncovers hate’s presence and it dies
Your hate is intentional and revolves around death and greed
And feeds off the lives it made suffer and bleed
Your hate bonds with evil and self-pleasure
Pleasing the flesh and making an oath with devils
Your hate is sometimes necessary
It gives love a broader reason to love and makes its love more legendary
Your hate can’t last
With constant faith in The Lord, your hate’s unmasked
Though your hate can send people to eternal graves
Your hate proves why God is worthy to be praised

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