Y’all wrong for what y’all are doing

Signs at McPherson Square announce the encampment will be closed on Feb. 15. Photo by Annemarie Cuccia.

Just because we’re in a better place doesn’t mean you all should stop serving minorities that don’t have an income. Just because some of us are living in an apartment doesn’t mean that we have an income for food, (especially when the food stamps are gone because prices went up). Let’s not forget hygiene and household cleaning products, and the other necessities you need for everyday cleaning your body and your house.

Before McPherson Square was closed for renovations, organizations used to come out on the weekends and provide us with stuff like shampoo, toothpaste, underwear (for both men and women), deodorant, toilet paper, lotion, wipes, food, etc. Now, where will they start providing this stuff if they don’t come to McPherson Square? I have heard sometimes they come, sometimes they don’t, that we just have to wait and see. I’ve had organizations and staff say they don’t know. So basically, we’re just assed out if we run out of products now. How can we get these things if you don’t have an income? Everyone doesn’t get an SSI check and many of us have issues getting a job. 

This ain’t to everybody. This is to you all that get government funding for these types of situations and hardly spend that moolah on us. There’s places that make it hard for the minority and there’s still people that are homeless. So what help are we going to get if you people keep sitting on your butts and just looking us over? I can say there’s a few people that actually really care about us, even if they know that their co-workers are doing wrong. But some of you act like you’re doing your job but are really just prolonging people’s homeless situations. 

Not only that, you’re also stealing when you’re not using the government’s funding for its purpose. Sometimes I go into certain day centers and the staff is on the phone more than their mind is on their job. Yes, I know they have a work phone for some day centers but, I’m not talking ‘bout that one just in case some genius is thinking, “How do you know we ain’t on my work phone?” I hear half of these conversations. They’re often talking about personal things that ain’t got nothing to do with helping us. Isn’t part of a job policy to leave your personal life outside of your work environment?

Thank you to those that are still going above and beyond to help us even if it means putting in extra time to cover somebody else’s duty. The Lord sees that and blesses those that bless others, don’t forget that. We all thank you. But for those that are just sitting on your butts and in it for the money, will you please get off your butts and do your jobs, or find somebody else that would. Thank you.

Donté Turner is an artist and vendor for Street Sense Media

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