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A photo of a four leaf clover.

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We think of clovers, pots of gold, and drinks on St. Patrick’s Day, but what about our homeless companions on our streets. Take time out to reflect on what is the real meaning of St. Patrick’s Day. 


By Reginald Black 

The air feels like a deep gentle massage.  

Hundreds of creatures walking around created in god’s image.  

They stress and strain.  

They fuss and buss.  

But today they are all about clovers and cups.  

Wearing green, green like garbage of all things  

There are angles and demons, putting back shot after shot.  

All night until they heave up their guts.  

Through the boxes and carts,  

I see kind and mean-spirited hearts.  

Those that won’t give in, those that will dumpster dive for din-din  

St. Patrick’s Day is really about Them…… 

Paddies Day

By Robert Warren 

Days away from the first day of spring Lands east and west filled with Saint Patrick days green.  

What does it all mean? How does one become a saint living the message of God? there is a light. 

Marchers follow green beers with songs to sing Whisky toasts, while wearing Paddies Day green.  

Will peace ever come to the land of saints?  

Will catholic and protestant churches ever get it right?  

Will the darkness of the world ever come to the light?  

Saint Paddies Day, More capitalist bull, yea that’s right. 

Robert is a member of The People for Fairness Coalition. 

St. Patrick

By David Rubin 

Who framed Roger Rabbit? 

Well framed for habit.  

Potatoes named Carrot Bit.  

Patrick Deemed Truth hit.  


David volunteers and is working on his own novel. 

Reggie’s Reflections: In Review

By Reginald Black 

Leaving- After staying with a friend I was asked to depart.  

Invader- Upon my return to southeast, I picked up on an unwanted roommate.  

Appearances- While on an errand a friend and I were approached by two females.  

Towards Tomorrow- After encountering the females, I started to feel my social status was lost.  

Family- I tried to reconnect with a family member, only to be rejected.  

Evicted- I returned to an apartment I was staying in, only to find I was locked out.  

Final Destination- I returned to my boiler room hideout. only to find it also locked.  

Friendly Offer- After being locked out of my only to places of shelter, a friend offers me a home.  

Reggie hosts The Writer’s Group Meetings. 

Saint. Paddy’s Child

By Joaquin M. Turley, Jr. 

Born in 1937 a child of God and heaven.  

On the day the Chi-town river is dyed green.  

The mother of my mom  

She is Saint Paddy’s child who would do no harm  

Born on a day of selflessness never hogged her toys like the rest  

Of the children who acted as if they were pests.  

She is St. Paddy’s child  

The glue holding together a community of people.  

That would otherwise drift apart.  

In this green sea of life filled with shamrocks.  

In a sea of individuals she sheds light.  

Enough light that the water that once drowned people in uncertainty and grief becomes dry.  

And soon forms a rainbow of clarity.  

Taking after the lead of Saint Paddy  

She stands alone to provide serenity.  

Always knowing the answer to her children’s questions.  

Oh yes, a saint a saint she truly is indeed.  

A truly giving creature  

Giving to those who are in need  

So on the same day St. Paddy was born I also celebrate another.  

One of the strongest women I know  

The woman that has been a second mother to me  

A woman that loves me unconditionally  

Grateful to be able to say I met her, grateful to be in her presence  

How grateful are we  

To celebrate a life formed from the marrow of Saint Paddy. 

Joaquin also attends Morgan State University. 

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