With These Hands


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With these hands; I pass out hope, faith, charity and an everlasting smile to all who  I encounter, every day of my life as I walk on God’s Earth! We as a society have many hands around the world. Sometimes I think there are more hands on the trigger than hands helping one another.  Why? Have you ever seen a picture of Jesus with his hands straight out? If you have, you will notice He is handing out the ‘food of life’.

With these hands come charity, hope and passion for all of us on his earth! There are many words that begin with the letter H  but one stands out of all of them. Do you know the word? The word is HUNGER. Why, in our society, in America do half a million Americans go to bed hungry at night? Why do 2.5 million have no food? Ask yourself, how much food do you throw away in a day, a week, a month or even a year?

With these hands, in our society, why can’t we do what Jesus did? You do remember what he did? If not, let me tell you once again. Do unto others, what you would want them to do for you. Let me tell you how I see it. You  have two hands. Or maybe one, or none at all, but that doesn’t stop you from handing out food of life. Bread, faith, charity, hope and passion.  That soul that you walk by every day, every morning, evening, that soul that is cold, hot, sick or even hungry  at times.

With these hands: We use our hands for many things:     to pray, to dress ourselves, to pay our bills. But most of all to feed ourselves. One day use your hands to help someone. Aint God Good? Bless you all.

And keep that smile!

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