Who’s protecting us?

In Colorado Springs, Colorado there was an unhoused vet by the name of Dalvin Gadson who was beaten by the police for basically doing nothing. The story was recorded on the news. So my question is what do we do when someone who has a mental health condition is approached by the police for doing nothing? 

Some people say “just comply” but what are they complying to? Thousands of homeless citizens with mental health situations go through challenges everyday,living their regular lives. Some homeless citizens have been through abuse and don’t know how to trust what’s next. Some have escaped death.When certain actions are taken and words are said, it doesn’t matter who, they’d rather fight and try to make it to the next day rather than just give up and let certain situations happen again. 

Does this stuff go through the minds of the police when they approach people? Yes, I understand not all cops are jerks but some act like thugs, and some people don’t react to thugs well.

I know some cops have mental issues because of what they’ve been through protecting this country. And I commend those officers for their bravery and their service to keep us safe. But does that mean that every uniform has an excuse for their behavior, certainly not. When you have situations like that, the officers need to be evaluated before they’re given a gun.

This “I’m going to harass this citizen because I’m having a bad day or because they’re a person of color” is getting out of hand. You can’t expect  people to just heed to your demands just because you’re of a certain authority. Some of us (such as I) exercise our rights to the fullest, like the federal law states that we have a right to do. People in power such as the police are expected to follow the law as well as uphold it. 

Am I saying that cops should never use necessary force in certain situations? No. What I’m saying is, e people’s lives are at stake when police make a mistake. People in power put their hands on the bible and swore to protect and serve the  community, not to do as they please and abuse power because they can.

Remember this, the Lord is still watching. For anyone who thinks that it’s a joke just look at some of these YouTube videos of people that have died and came back to life because the Lord said “it wasn’t their time.” I hope and pray that we can improve this situation because besides God, if we are not protected by the law then who is protecting us?

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