While Trump is no longer president, Trump derangement still exists

Watching Democrats trying to attack Donald Trump is like watching Elmer Fudd trying to kill Bugs Bunny. For six years, they have been trying to arrest Donald Trump, first over “Russia collusion” and then over the January 6th insurrection. Neither bore fruit, no matter how many writers from the Washington Post and New York Times howl that Trump should be brought to justice. 

I don’t know what to say to people whose hate for Trump has become an obsession. They’re so blinded by rage that they can’t see the consequences or think rationally. 

Democrats tried to use a one-vote majority to remove the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, and pass another multi-trillion-dollar spending plan. They didn’t succeed, but Republicans might: In the midterm elections, the GOP could pick up 100 seats in the house and Senate. What will stop them from removing the filibuster or stacking the Supreme Court with partisan right-wing judges?  

Democrats have focused on January 6th and red flag laws instead of rising fuel and food prices.  Arresting Trump is a waste of money. But some would rather suffer through a recession than elect people who will get the economy moving. Their obsession with Trump has so clouded their judgment that they can’t see they have alienated their former supporters. 

Unfortunately, some are so far gone in their Trump derangement that anyone not hysterical over his supposed misdeeds is Nazi or a racist. 

I didn’t vote for Joe Biden or Muriel Bowser, but I never condemned anyone who did. Democrats wanted Biden. I don’t understand the mentality, but it’s their decision, so live with the consequences. If you vote for him, I’m not going to attack you, I just go on trying to survive. I’m never going to go to Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s house because she writes an opinion I disagree with. 

In life, things happen, you receive setbacks, get fired, or get sick. You deal with it. I believe Biden sucks, but I refuse to blame him for my problems. If leftists genuinely believe in what they say, let them die on that hill. 

Trump supporters are battle-tested. Family members disowned us, we were thrown off social media, and they have erased our work. But like the Bible, my writings have appeared in oppressive places such as China, North Korea, and Cuba. 

Trump pulled the curtain down; we no longer take our politicians seriously. Not only did our politicians sell America out, but many have also committed treason while others have bombed countries indiscriminately. 

The ruling class’s days are like a bear in a tree. Their reign is over. Americans are furious. We see the crimes, lies, corruption, and no arrests. We see Republicans talk a good game about the rule of law, but when it’s time to take a stand, they’re nowhere to be found. 

Are we headed for some armed conflict? I don’t know whether gun lovers can exist with people who allow their cities to be destroyed by gun violence. 

I don’t want to mock leftists, but your derangement has become comical. In your zest to eliminate Trump, you can’t see everything you’re doing is strengthening his movement. 

Hearing a different point of view for the left is like showing sunlight to a vampire, and many will vaporize. As a Black man who doesn’t hate Trump, I will be accused of enabling white supremacy. 

Let leftists continue spinning their wheels until the barbarians are at the gate and they have no power. Only then will they realize the damage they caused. 

Jeffery McNeil is a vendor with Street Sense Media. 


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