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Hello Street Sense Media readers and fans that acknowledge the circumstances that lead me to write and express my opinions on the poverties and struggles of homelessness in the nation’s capital.  

I know times are hard and will end hard at some point. As a U.S. citizen, you will always look out for number one. And that is only fair. I understand the motivation to feel that way.   

But ask yourself, “What would I do if faced with homelessness?”  

When a time came that poverty has enveloped your life, what would happen to you? How would you get out of it? Would you stick it out and suffer and try to handle it and get over it?  

Then go on to ask yourself, “When it doesn’t work out at certain times, what can I do or who do I go to?”  

Would you ask for help, support and assistance from friends and family? I go first to my creator by praying! I ask for mercy, blessings, and guidance — with protection against the evil that is directed at me and my surroundings every day. I hope for the best while expecting the worst to continue. 

And that’s because my observance in this area of the DMV is that citizens are still judgmental toward the homeless. As if it couldn’t happen to them at any time! Like they’re a creator of self and can produce their own fate. And whenever tough times hits them, those that pass judgement usually try to hide their own struggle and pretend they’re in a better lifestyle then the next person.  

I don’t care how some people think of me as I go out in the street. I do not beg for money or expect a handout from negative individuals that think less of me. I sell Street Sense Media newspapers, I shine shoes, I sometimes sell fragrant oils, and I do odd jobs for friends that support my struggles in poverty. I work hard to earn my living. 

So heed what I’m saying: Be a positive person, and please support people struggling with homelessness. That includes how you interact with people, how you approach people. And how you help people before they’re on the street. And keep checking in on how our community is progressing to end homelessness. Step up, or step aside. 

Have a blessed holiday. May God bless you in your life. 

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