When BB was King, Part II

A shrill trill of steel strings—
likely in key of C major brings.
A bounce of Fasgt Shuffle
(never muffled);
“She 36 in the bust, 22 in the waist,
Man I gotta tell ya, got real crazy legs-
You upset me, baa—by…
‘B’ upset us joyfully—
“In Days of Old” he was
a “Walkin’ Dr. Bill”
and didn’t we “Woke up This Mornin’”
to that gleaming cherry-red Guitar!
Lucille, Lucille!
Didn’t you speak, sing for us all!
In broad-shouldered tux
sparkling “Pomp” and buckle pumps
Mister King gathered us together
“‘neath a vast canopy of comfort and soul”!
In my heart, even now, I hear you, I play
clarion notes of Blind Lemon Jefferson, Diane, for you.
The thrill, the thrill’s not gone. God bless B, too!

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