What’s love? Real love is respect

Love is not just a word, a saying, an action. It’s a belief, it’s a spell that can hurt you in many ways. But, it can also be a game changer in your life. Some people say love can blind you, which it can. But love is what you make it. It’s a choice, a decision you make in your life. So I must warn you, choose wisely because just like life, love can be like a box of chocolates: You never know what you’re going to get.

Love can also be a feeling, a thought — love can even be a smell. The essence of love is all around us. It can be real or fake but there is a love that out beats every kind of love. That’s true love. Which is sacrifice, no excuse, no judgment, attachment. You know that love like your last name. You will fight, not give up, even when it hurts. Take the bad and the good. You’re blinded to the flaws even when it’s wrong because it does not matter cause it’s true love. So remember — true love is basically respect for love. Remember my words: Respect is real love.

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