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Every morning when I wake, I always think about the life that God gave me because I remember God created us and that He will always love us. Sometimes, I think about my failures and the temptations I have been through in my life. But, I see a special vision in my mind and in my heart about God’s path He has set out for us. I will never give up on the life that God has given me because it is a very special gift. One day, my beautiful life will end and I hope and pray I will see His beautiful kingdom in heaven.

When I wake up and see that beautiful flock of birds and the squirrels running around, and people walking their dogs, those things show me how beautiful life is in some special way. So, as I end this article Street Sense readers, always try to cherish what a beautiful life God has given us because one day our lives will end. But, know that God will be with you through the journey, to the end, always. Always keep your faith in God the Father and the Lord Jesus. May the power and kingdom be yours always forever. Amen, God Bless!

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