What is this world coming to?

Blessed with sight but cursed with no vision
Born sinners but prayin’ for forgiveness
Been snatchin’ away your sunlight
Sun bright the darkness, life got a grip, a hold so tight
Them gravedigger-type fools
Got the hood sold up nice, trippin’ all night
Dope fiends reminiscing
On diamondback Cadillacs
Down to robberies and bloody t-shirts
On stained concrete,
Suit and tie mobsters with that attitude
Death to whomever want it
No sunny dayz keeping those haters away
Dying in battles knowing right from wrong
You grown, you gotta weather da storm
An’ keep from throwing bricks at them jail bars
An’ still, pray for the golden gates all your life
They told us hell was your resting place
Case after case, the pain hits home base
You never was a winner, you stayed in last place
I am wiser than I was
So I left alone all these childish ways
This real-life cowboyz-and-Indians type thing
Just with bigger consequences at stake
Momma, can I get by an’ stay fly
An’ transform to mega gigabytes?
People and picket signs, rainbow crowds
All sing the same tune but a different sound
This is for the child, born but scorned
To be back and forth to mental health wards
Gotta a void that can’t no one fulfill, not even the Lord
The tip of my sleeve is sharper than a double-edge sword
Drench me with Holy Water, wash me of my demons
I can still hear victims of Earth screaming
We no longer a poison breed, but lost seed
Gimme green weed and promethazine.

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