What I Think about Selling Street Sense Papers

When I am selling Street Sense papers, it motivates me a lot, especially when it comes to keeping my mind off being homeless. Being homeless makes me so miserable and bored.

The thing I like about selling papers is that it gets me ready for the online classes that I take. My classes are accounting and bookkeeping.

It also keeps me going through and trying to get closer to God, the Almighty! I always hope and pray that I excel at selling Street Sense, because some days are so long. But it’s all good, because no day selling Street Sense will be easy. So I try not to make it so hard.

I appreciate selling Street Sense because I get a chance to meet a lot of new people. I like that, because I like meeting people. I hope that I will be around for a while. Sales is a good business to get into. God bless!

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