We Need Public Restrooms

Illustration by Dwight Harris

The District needs more restrooms for working-class and homeless people. There aren’t any restrooms to go to when you are on H Street, which is increasingly popular. And until the new New York Avenue homeless services day center opened, there was virtually nothing downtown.  

You cannot hold your water or bowel movements an extra hour or two to find the nearest restroom. When you’ve got to go, you gotta go! If you have to wait long, you may have an unexpected personal accident that could have otherwise been prevented.   

Everywhere I go, such as coffee or fast food shops, you have to buy something in order to use the restroom. Some people can’t afford these items. We need to change this ordeal so people do not use parks and alleys out in the open, which is a public health issue. The solution is to build public restrooms or pay-per-use port-a-potties that could be 10 cents or 25 cents at a time to cover the cost of supplies and cleaning. 

Brianna Butler is an artist/vendor for Street Sense Media. 

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