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A street outreach volunteer passes disposable razors to a group of men.

Michael Bennett's Street Outreach. Photo by Molly Kraybill

People desperate for some feelings and comforts of home have been building shelter, as well as equipping tent interiors like small furnished apartments from what they can salvage. Because people continue to go unhoused, when the sweeps come, they don’t just lose their survival gear, but generators and more. Whether they are compensated for these further losses in their lives remains a question. Their situations are already difficult. Without housing for everyone, people must still attend to the basics… among them shelter.

Distribution remains inconsistent to the homeless. Some areas are so deficient people fight and steal survival elements and gear. Others are so flush small trade has emerged with the excess. Once distributed, it cannot be taken back and redistributed.

Services have been lacking from case management. Lots of burnout and attitude is generated back on the homeless, leading to more conflicts between those being serviced and those servicing as weather conditions progress.

Throwing garbage at and around homeless people and their tents is still prevalent and disheartening. Harassment towards homeless people continues.

There is still an overabundance of hygiene products in distribution and a shortage of hardcore gear necessary for the serious cold or wet weather people need to survive.

Outside of Miriam’s Kitchen, which is noted for its good meals, there is a notable lack of good, nourishing, filling food and too many opportunities for tater tots, pizza, hot dogs and sandwiches

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