We just screened my documentary, what’s next?

Doing the documentary film “Street Reporter” (streetreporterfilm.com) with American University was a great pleasure and success.

I learned so much by telling my story. I learned that my story could help make a difference in someone’s life who is homeless. Being homeless doesn’t define you. You define you. Seeing all the people that supported me in all my endeavors made me feel so honored and proud that I did the film. It had already gone to several film festivals around the country and been screened in-house for Street Sense Media vendors — but last week at Metrobar D.C. had its public premiere in our city.

Street Sense family who came out to support the film, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you also to the different organizations. To Laura Waters Hinson and the staff who worked on this project with me and Reggie Black, I appreciate the experience that you have taught me. I will take this and apply it every day of my life. I will continue this journey of advocating for the homeless community in any way I can.

My next step is to graduate from The University of the District of Columbia in May of 2022. After school, I would like to continue taking photos and telling other people’s stories through the lens of a camera. Even though I did this short film about myself, I look forward to being behind the scenes and learning more about editing and storytelling. Sue Dofman, thank you for introducing me to the camera.

I am so honored to be a part of so many organizations that really care about homeless people such as me. To my fellow vendors, I can’t leave you out. You really warmed my heart when you came out and supported the project. Thank you. It meant a lot. Street Sense Media and American University, you rock!!! Thank you for the opportunity to share my story in such a positive way.

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