Washington, DC

United States Capitol Building at night

United States Capitol. Photo courtesy of Shutter Ferret/Flickr.

What’s going on in Washington, D.C., with the Wasingtonians? 

I see gentrification has really gotten the best of our city. A city once known as Chocolate City is looking more and more like the Milky Way, or yet a caramel swirl. “No funny.” 

Where have all our culture gone? Where is the Washingtonian spirit? Has gentrification hit our city so hard that we “the people” of the land can’t identify one another?!


We each, as a culture, people, and tribe, need to reach deep down within and become more in tune with one’s self. Two things that I definitely feel will help is spirituality and unity. 

Come on D.C. — Delicate City. 

To be together we at least have to come together. 

You know — U.N.I.T.Y.                            *ay, ay, ay

And when we come together — it’s always a beautiful thing. 


Go-go music

Beat your feet dancing

Game playing

Bike riding

Board racing

And tribe game tests.


I really miss the old D.C., 

where things was chocolate and sweet.

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