War on Drugs or Us

We’re at war: the draft is on  

The war against drugs has just begun  

They said World War III would be the atom bomb  

But we were getting high while they sang that song  

High off heroin, herb, and crack coke  

And messing up our minds with the love boat  

It’s messing up our mind; it’s keeping us blind  

We’re all going to die in just a matter of time  

The enemy plans to destabilize the nation  

With drugs to destroy our future generations  

Their strategy is to create an illusion  

It makes you feel good but in a state of confusion  

You sell the drugs then buy weapons and guns  

And terrorize and threaten all your loved ones  

The death toll is rising up, dope dealers making big bucks  

And you’re walking around with your head in a rut  

Then while you’re trippin’ and funnin’ and doin’ the town  

You have nothing to show for it once you come down  

Your progress is stopped; your goals are lost  

You become an addict; the drugs become your boss  

You get thrown in jail; it’s a living hell  

You end up sleeping in a funky crowded cell  

What’s wrong is now right; you always fuss and fight  

You can’t even get enough sleep at night  

You kick it cold turkey; you holler and scream  

And wake up wishing it was all a damn dream  

War on drugs: hell, that’s a damn lie  

It’s war on us, so wake up or die  

And stay off drugs, and keep your mind clear  

Listen to this poem; there’s a message here  

Thank God above for the life you love  

And get high off life! It’s his gift of love 

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