Vision of My Father

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John spade / Flickr

A message from my father in his new home, after he’d been missing for two years.

My father has been missing for some time. It has been sad for my family and I, not having him present with us.

When my father returned, he was quiet, saying only that he was home to stay, and we were so very glad to see him.

After eating dinner and watching television, he expressed himself by hugging us after I remarked that I felt as if we had buried him.

Palm Sunday just passed, and it will be Easter soon. Our father is now in Heaven.

My father saw the Palm trees in Heaven, the silky green palms that sparkle, as do the birds and flowers.

My father sings all day long and is happy all day long. The angels fly around in heaven and are also happy. It is a glory to reunite with long passed friends and relatives, as one flies through the Golden Gates.

There is much laughter, joy and enjoying beautiful trays of food. My father spent the day telling us his story and says that one day we will all be together in the afterlife.

We love you, Dad.

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