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Gifts that have been wrapped

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Well campers, another Victoria-gras came and went. Yeah Victoria-gras is the anniversary of my 21st birthday.

OK, in June it will be one year since I started selling Street Sense. I am bleeping tired of still being out here. I hoped within six months I could get a stable forever home and a job in the corporate world.

I am not mad at the government for not helping me. Yes, I chose to become residence-free when I left a man who ended up beating me. We were engaged. I thought I had found my soul mate and could anticipate the next chapter in my life.

OK, at times I drink too much wine. Some of you may be thinking, so what? Others of you who read my articles may know I quote songs like “Hotel California,” “California Dreamin’,” and “Californiacation” in memory and tribute to when I lived in Los Angeles — the happiest time of my life. However I am not sure how many are familiar with the sitcom “My Name is Earl.”

The main story of the show is that the main character, Earl Hickey, has this list. He wants to right all the wrongs in his life due to karma. How does this relate to me? Honestly, I do not know; however, I am not sure why things in life happen or what I am supposed to learn from them.

But I believe in karma: Do good and it will come back to you. Do badly and the same will happen.

Now I want to say thank you to those who gave me gifts: my mum for her sex appeal and charismatic personality — It helped me survive out here; my daddy for his quick wit intellect and charm — he has no idea how much it helped me out throughout my life; my brother for strength and being there for my mum and daddy; Rob for the best times of my life; Gary No.1 for showing me what true love is all about; and my sissy for taking me into her home and holding me accountable for my actions.

Those all are true gifts that I carry with me every day, whether it is my b-day, Xmas or Groundhog Day.


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