VENDOR PROFILE: Lawrence Autry

Image of Lawrence Autry, Street Sense Vendor #167.

Image of Lawrence Autry, Street Sense Vendor #167. Photo by Street Sense Media.

Lawrence Autry, originally from Northeast D.C., has been a vendor for Street Sense for a little over a year. As vendor #167, Lawrence enthusiastically sells copies of Street Sense at 14th and P streets Northwest. Lawrence likes being a vendor for Street Sense because it not only allows him to work for himself as an independent contractor but it also gives him the flexibility to set his own hours. Lawrence says that the flexible timings are beneficial, especially for those vendors who may have to be at their shelter or at school at certain times. In addition to Street Sense, Lawrence pursues a wide variety of other interests. He is currently studying for his commercial driver’s license in hopes of driving for a private company in the future. Lawrence is also working on a book on the theory of evolution that he hopes to complete within a year. Lawrence likes surfing the Internet and operating a ham radio, both of which allow him to communicate around the world. Although he enjoys his work, Lawrence says that “if someone hands me a check for a million dollars, I’ll gladly accept it, as long as it doesn’t bounce.” 

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