Vendor Profile: Edward Ross

An image of Edward Ross, Street Sense Vendor.

Edward Ross. Photo by Street Sense Media.

Edward Ross has lived in D.C. his entire life, though he was born in New York…on a bus. “I couldn’t wait. I decided to come out. I don’t know whether it was the bumpy bus ride or not,” he said.  

Ross has been working at Street Sense for four years. He says that one of the best aspects about selling for this paper is that it taught him to be a people person. He believes homeless individuals are characterized as alcoholics or drug addicts. “Don’t look down on homeless people, try and help them out if anything,” he said.  

Ross was in the Marine Corps for six years and later filed in the military as disabled, which is his source of income. It has been 20 years, and he is still anticipating the suit money from the military. “When they give me my suit money, I’ll get my education money,” he said. Ross is currently waiting to attend The George Washington University. For every dollar that he saves, the military gives him two dollars. Edward anticipates starting school at the end of 2010. 

Ross devotes time every summer teaching children the fundamentals of basketball, baseball, and football in Rosedale. He is a sports junkie, though he says he is too old to play now. 

He says that Street Sense has a positive influence on the homeless, as it provides the opportunity to make a way for themselves. “I get to enjoy life even though I may not have everything that I want, but I have the things I need,” he said. Ross, who currently lives in a work program shelter, looks forward to owning his own home, a car, and a dog.  

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