Valentine’s Day

Picture of a heart made out of sage seeds on concrete

epSos .de/Flickr

I love Valentine’s Day. It is not just a holiday; it is everyone’s favorite day. It is a day you can share and express your love for one another. Flowers, cards and gifts are great treats for all of your loved ones!

I love Valentine’s Day because you always feel loved and special. You always have friends to give
and share with you their hearts and their appreciation.

It’s a day when you can be very creative and make things for your mom, your dad and your friends. You can sing, dance and play in a loving way to show how much you love that special person you have been waiting for. Poems, songs, movies, skits, speeches and essays are all ways you can show and express your love, thanks and appreciation. It is a day you can share a hug or a kiss or both.

You always have to give your heart to show someone your love and your appreciation. This is what
Valentine’s Day means to loved ones.

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