Unlike ordinary people

When the D.C. heat comes, they melt like plastic upon pusher
They crashin’ for D.C. skies–
D.C.’s limit. Open opportunity but you make no effort for passage
True happiness is your sadness,
Confusion is no illusion,
Channels of unsolved crimes on murder is what amuses him
Alone is his most comfortable place,
Matrix time of space
His own world an’ dark an’ violent state of reality of the mind
Smiley face big bright eyes, warm approach with
A throwing vibe of someone you would like to hang around,
Get to know, hangout with, enjoy life with, while you’re living
An’ plus you a good listener an’ the beat of the heart sounds off rhythm but.
But taking heed isn’t your best quality
See what happens
When you just want to be happy
It’s eating you alive, even when you’re drowning in the liquor and high,
No amount of drugs can save you, your are demons closing in, ready to make you their sacrifice
Don’t be scared, don’t you want a better life?
You got a filthy soul, sins leeching on your mind
Truly a sign of the times, there’s a knife in your hand ready to commit a crime
But the real crime is being the hash
Possession of the mind, devil hidden in your eyes
And every move you make is never yours,
You’re a slave to the lowest, a victim to the system–
Behold a never ending cycle.
It’s torture, the pain never lies and the only way to live is to give up enternal life
For the rotation of his rational thinking process comes to a stop
He’s still living on his misused false educated abused childhood frame of mind sometimes which paves roads of destruction which destroy any good character
Unlike ordinary people
She trudged down the muddy hill, instincts alert as the big heavy bag follows behind her. It took a minute before reality caught up and when it did laughs escaped her mouth. Eyes closed breathing in the sinful air.
But what does one care when the brain is slightly insane?
Unlike ordinary people
Unknown to the mind body and soul
His or her
State of being.
Flashes of light be the sight of what seems to never be a normal way of life.
Hyped off of loneliness, life is in a fetus position,
Lost with no hope for growth.
Dark shadows stalk cobwebs on corners.
Sleep is a battle to “um” an orb of existing for the world’s riches
Soul sacrifice leads astray,
What a waste of a beautiful mold of clay.
Hands reach, but no grip
Thirsty when the well goes dry.
Sinful is his method for interaction.
Unlike ordinary people
Why is his or her cries for help
But their tears fall on deaf ears.
With loneliness comes fear
For he sees no reason to be not alarmed
So like a boxer, he or she dips on dodge
Life ever reaching arm.
No self control,
Soul torn to its core,
The mind is an empty place for negativity to store.
Beaten in the head since childhood
with a distribution of violence.
To him, it’s the
Pain hidden deep and silent.
Keepin’ it real and honest
It was told a lie t
The sky the limit
Apple of my eye
Never questioned God but
For the people of this world he screams, “Why!”
He knows for sure the demons watch
And the devil does spies too
This is beyond a lie
For his or her road to the light i
Is blocked with an echoing sound of that
goddamn ticking clock.
Unlike ordinary people
Time waits for no one
Something he or she cannot
Comprehend nor understand
Grown women or man stuck
In life’s crossing lane with no red lights, no holding hands
An accident bound to happen
Total crash into a situation with no understanding and missed chances
Off balance he stands poses with his supposed fingers and hands
Speaks a language for fans only, what seems to be big
Bright eyes, warm approach into his or her
deepest, darkest side.
Unlike ordinary people

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