Give People Monthly Income

Photo of a U.S. tax form.

Work is good. We should reward honest labor, not punish it through the unfair income tax.

It would be wiser (and cheaper for taxpayers) to convert the entire welfare, public-housing and social-services system into a “monthly income” cash stipend deposited on debit cards like the ones used for food stamps. Give each U.S. citizen who registers and is evaluated for work at their state employment office a monthly income of $500 if they are unable to work.

Give them $1,000 if they work at least part-time, through the current Earned Income Tax Credit. The current EITC for single workers with no dependents (which is so low as to be a joke) should be raised to the current EITC level for workers with dependents. Let people have the dignity of managing their own income and making their own choices.

By eliminating all the costly red tape, paperwork, holier-than-thou drug tests, standing in line for “recertification,” government “middlemen,” money-grubbing slumlords, out-of-date bureaucratic jobs and nit-picky rules, both taxpayers and low-income working U.S. citizens would be happier.

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