Trying to Make it

Homeless man sleeps on a sidewalk bench

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Trying to make it begins with your faith in God, which starts with prayer. Praying gives you strength. Since I started with Street Sense, my faith has grown stronger because before, I had been unemployed for almost five and a half years. But now this is like a real job. And, thanks to my case manager getting me accepted to the District of Columbia Employment Services assessment program, my tools of life are coming together. That helps a lot for someone who is homeless and somewhat disabled.

I want to continue my education and end my homelessness that I have been going through for so many years. I think my body is starting to get tired. But my faith and my mind are very strong. You need that, because making it in life requires trying very hard to be successful on the journey God has planned for you. You have to stay on the path he has set.

God will always give us a choice in life as a sign of how much he loves us. So, Street Sense family, please try to make the right choices. And remember that making it in life depends on following the right path with Jesus. Keep your faith in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen and God bless!

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