Treading the Waters, Part 30

The streets of New Orleans

A street corner on New Orleans displays street art. Photo courtesy of Infrogmation of New Orleans/Flickr.

In this 30th installment of “Treading the Waters,” young Gerald, who had been running the streets of New Orleans with his friend, Minew, gets back home from an 18-month sentence for gun possession…

When I came back,  Minew was doing his thing up out there. 

I be hearing a lot of wild s*** about him out there on the street. He was going hard without me around him. 

I’m talking about, he like, “They took my dawg. They took my man. I gotta go hard now!” 

He was smashing. What I mean by smashing is, he putting in work.

I kick him on the phone sometimes from the jail, “What’s up w’ich you, boy?”

Minew was the type of guy… He remind me of Bozo a little. He a clown. But he pull that trigger in a minute. 

That’s the funny thing about it. He will laugh with you and trap with you at the same time. It’s hard to be aware with a killer like that. He’ll crack a joke with you, and hit you at the same time. 

That’s why I always say, “He a killer.”

Don’t get me wrong, that’s my man. But there was plenty of time where you should have been shaking, because dude loved the trigger. He played with the trigger like you give a baby candy.

But I learned a lot from him. He learned a lot from me. We held our neighborhood down. 

So I came home after doing them 18 months. We clink-clink back together. We ran for about 2 or 3 years.

Then Minew’s mother passed away. And I got busted again.

That’s when I went down hard. That’s when I met back up with my man, Greg. But Greg was coming out of the Penitentiary as I was going in. 

To be continued. Anderson’s first book, “Still Standing: How an Ex-Con Found Salvation in the Floodwaters of Katrina,” is available on 

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