This is About Gun Control 

Photo of a statute of a handgun with the barrel tied into a knot

Photo by Maria Lysenko on Unsplash

This is how I would handle gun control in this country. There is so much killing in the U.S., that there must be a better way of dealing with guns and the way people use them. That is the central issue.  

The Supreme Court made a big mistake in repealing the D.C. gun law. We in this country and city cannot handle guns anymore. My idea is this; hunters, for example can rent a gun from the government and use it to hunt, only. People with guns in their homes must turn them in to the police. I know this is strict but this must be done to control the killing with guns.  

Our country did not start with being at war with each other but today, with the ample amount of guns on the street, we ARE now. Congress should change the Constitution of our country to ban all guns. With the O.K. with renting the guns from the government for hunting, when the hunter shoots someone while hunting, they will be banned from hunting for life. At least lives will be saved.  

I know that just in my neighborhood alone, there were at least five shootings in about one week’s time span. I just wish there was a better way of dealing with guns. There is an average of about 82 people killed by guns per day in the United States. Just take a look at Columbine High School and, just about two or three weeks ago the shooting at a Pennsylvania health club, that is why I just cannot understand why this is happening.  

Ken has been a vendor for nearly a year and loves to listen to police scanners in his spare time. 

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